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Student Midwife Looking for Help. [Aug. 12th, 2013|12:02 pm]
A private community for moderators.

I'm a midwifery student, originally from upstate New York but now bouncing around the US trying to finish my training.

I'm running an on-line fundraiser and was wondering if I could post about it in our community.

You can check it out here - https://mercyboard.com/campaigns/one-year-of-midwifery-studies/
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weird... [Jan. 12th, 2009|09:01 am]
A private community for moderators.

sorry - for some reason it wont let me reply to any of your comments....I dont have a site to host the file. I dont mind either sending it to <lj user=raving liberal> or posting it under multiple section cuts...as mods, ill let you guys make the decision of whats best for the community.,..lol...

Ill try leaving this post visible to everyone, instead of just members of the community - maybe thats why I cant reply....
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